COVID - 19 Hotspurs Protocol

Any family and player coming to training must understand the burden that must be carried to ensure safety for all.

If sick, notify your coach immediately so appropriate action can be taken.

The primary point of contact at Hotspurs for all questions related to COVID-19 is:

Marikaye DeTemple

Please utilize the CDC Quarantine and Isolation Calculator to determine how long you/your player need to isolate, quarantine, or take other steps to prevent spreading COVID-19.


Full protocol:


  • DO NOT PARTICIPATE with symptoms at any training, match or event
  • If you are sick, feeling sick, or have a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, DO NOT ATTEND​
  • Players are recommended to social distance when not playing and to wear face coverings at all times​
  • Coaches and players are recommended to maintain social distancing during halftime, water breaks and ​at all times when off the field of play​
  • Coaches and players should maintain “social distancing” in the “bench area” and in between games (i.e. do not congregate in groups on the sidelines and maintain 6 ft. apart from other groups)
  • Players and coaches should bring their own hydration and food.
  • Do not share water bottles, drinks or food, or any personal items​
  • No spitting will be allowed on the field, sidelines, or anywhere on the event premise​
  • Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing - recommended into the nape of the elbow ​
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth with hands​
  • Players or coach should sanitize their hands each time they come off the field and in between each game​
  • All coaches and players are reminded to launder clothes, uniforms, and vests upon return home
  • Away team will be deemed to have won the coin toss


  • Anyone with symptoms (fever, cough, etc.) must not attend any event 
  • Spectators and guests should bring personal hand sanitizer and wipes to the event ​
  • All attendees are recommended to wear a face covering at all times.​
  • All attendees are recommended to maintain “social distancing” (i.e. do not congregate in groups of 5 (families only) on the sidelines and should try to maintain social distancing ​
  • Everyone is expected to cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing - recommended into the nape of the elbow ​
  • Anyone feeling sick should leave the facility immediately and go home or seek a healthcare facility​
  • Avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth with their hands whenever possible​
  • It is strongly recommended that people over 65 and/or with pre-existing conditions avoid attending ​



  • Anyone with symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, headache, etc.) must not work any event
  • All referees should check their temperature prior to leaving for their first game each day​
  • All referees are recommended to wear face coverings while not on the field of play.​
  • Referees must cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing - recommended into the nape of the elbow
  • Referees should communicate with players and/or coaches while remaining at least 6 feet away; review this with players/coaches prior to match. 
  • Referees should bring their own hand sanitizer/wipes and liquids and not share gear, snacks, or beverages with anyone​
  • Physical contact of any kind will be prohibited (i.e. handshakes, “high fives”, etc.)​
  • May use artificial or electronic noise makers rather than whistles​
  • All referees should launder clothes and uniforms after activities each day​
  • No coin toss – away team is deemed to have won the toss.


  • Anyone with symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, headache, etc.) must not work game day
  • All staff should take their temperature before reporting on game day​
  • Anyone feeling sick during an event must leave immediately after informing club leadership​
  • All staff will wear protective gloves when disinfecting the facility​
  • All staff recommended to wear face coverings throughout the event, changing as needed
  • All staff must cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing - recommended into the nape of the elbow ​
  • Assigned staff will be responsible for sanitizing all defined public areas ​(i.e. porta-john handles/doors, tents, golf carts, etc.)

Additional Elements

  • Clubs should establish hand-sanitizing stations at easily accessible locations
  • Clubs should confirm a contact with their county health department or the state health department for additional guidance to the club’s locality
  • Clubs may be more restrictive than but not less restrictive.

Equipment & Sanitization:

  • Bibs/Training vests will be cleaned by coaches.
  • Water bottles – Players need to bring water to practice and games. Do not expect water fountains to be functioning.
  • Families are expected to have very high standards for washing and cleaning equipment and clothes between sessions.
  • Players are expected to make hand sanitizer a part of their soccer equipment.

If a player, coach, or direct volunteer falls ill, these steps must be taken:

  • Player (guardian) will notify their direct coach of illness. If testing positive for COVID 19, the player may not return to practice – even if asymptomatic – until medically cleared. During the process of testing, immediately inform club director Tom Ovenden, Troy Mohney, or Marikaye.

Directors will inform direct contacts from the training group with the positive player. 

Should a player test positive for COVID-19, the family must inform the designated directors to which those participating in the session/considered directly exposed will be informed to quarantine/sessions canceled per the current CDC guidelines at that time. **All positive results must be reported to the County Health Officials by the family. The Club will participate in contact tracing.**

  • Coaches and direct volunteers that become ill will directly notify club director Tom Ovenden, Troy Mohney, and Tom Cambell, with the same standards in place – if they suspect COVID-19/are being tested, they cannot return to practice until cleared medically.

Players in direct contact with the coach/volunteer will be informed immediately.

Contact information:

  • Tom Ovenden, Academy Director,, 412.874.0377
  • Troy Mohney, Hotspurs North Site Leader,, 724.991.9869