We believe in what our community has to offer.

#Homegrown is more than the talent we strive to nurture and grow. It's our Hotspurs Family coming together to support each other's #homegrown businesses.

Share your #HotspursFamily Business with Us:

The Fire Side Public House

Take out orders and curbside delivery available. 

6290 Broad Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206

Sidelines Bar & Grill

Take out orders and curbside delivery available. 

621 Evergreen Ave
Millvale, Pennsylvania 15209

Sidelines Bar & Grill

Take out orders and curbside delivery available. 

518 Locust Place
Sewickley, Pennsylvania 15143

Goodness Grows Farm

Located near Saxonburg, Goodness Grows Farm sells locally raised, sourced and processed, pasture-raised meats. Chicken, beef, pork, lamb, goat and more!

No contact pickup and delivery. No minimum orders. Stock up your freezer or order weekly.

See website under “The Food” for details or call Farmer Erik at 724-316-4175 with questions or to order.

Connect on Facebook and Instagram at Goodness Grows Farm.

Wild Purveyors

Wild Purveyors has been a restaurant wholesaler for over a decade. Wild Purveyors sources organic and naturally raised foods from the farms, fields, and forests of Pennsylvania and the region. Wild Purveyors is now offering these high-quality foods directly to the consumer via its website at wildpurveyors.com .

There are options for a zero contact, curbside pick up in the east end of Pittsburgh or home delivery in Allegheny county.

Please visit wildpurveyors.com and use code: Hotspurs50 to save 20% off of orders of $50 or more. (Code can be used 3x!)

Tupelo Honey Teas

Tupelo Honey Teas is a loose leaf tea business and vegan cafe. They are offering free shipping on our website. Food offerings coming soon.

Check social media (Facebook and Instagram) for updates on cafe and new tea/small business collaboration offerings!

Windy Ridge Farm

   Windy Ridge Farm

The cattle at Windy Ridge are born and raised directly on their farm. They are grass-fed, grain-finished, examined yearly by a licensed veterinarian, and NEVER injected with any type of growth hormone.

By purchasing your beef at Windy Ridge, you can be assured that the meat you are feeding to your family is 100% drug/hormone-free.

Hamburger is very lean. It is frozen and comes in one-pound packages.

Halves and quarters are also available and will be cut to the customer’s specifications. The price is 2.85 per lb hanging weight (on the rail). Cutting, wrapping, and freezing are not included in the above price. These services cost roughly .70 per lb.

After orders are confirmed, a pickup date/time will be set. 

Please email with any questions - windy6@windstream.net

And connection on Facebook!

The Exercise Coach - Mt. Lebanon

The Exercise Coach is a cutting-edge fitness franchise that’s passionate about transforming the way people exercise. They exist to empower those who are busy, afraid of getting hurt, don’t love the gym scene or just don’t like to exercise.
Based on the science which proves exercise quality matters more than exercise quantity, they created a unique hi-tech process that helps you get the results that matter most to you with just two, 20-minute workouts per week.
While temporarily closed, you can like and visit their Facebook page for recipes, nutritional information, and health tips.
MichaelCoffee (1)

Coda Improvements

Coda Improvements is a growing, family owned and operated business dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship to our customers -- both local commercial and residential clients.

Home Improvement Center

Since opening in 1980, Home Improvement Center has been serving our community offering anything to build or remodel your home from entry-level to completely custom.

Home Improvement Center is family-owned and operated. You will find knowledgeable and you-centric staff to help you complete your project, no matter how big or small. Operating both a showroom as well as an old fashioned hardware store, in Butler, Pennsylvania.

Peter Mulhern - Home Interior/Exterior

Carpentry, flooring, painting, drywall, exterior decking & steps. If your house needs some repairs, email Peter to discuss it!

Nicole Zirnsak

Nicole Zirnsak State Farm

An insurance agency focused on protecting what you have most at risk. Nicole is focused on needs-based conversations that give the opportunity to get to know you and your family!

Call/text/email the office to connect!

TrisolineBosaD05aR03aP01ZL-Madison3a_mdm - Emily Trisoline

Trisoline Bosack Law Group

In this uncertain time, it has brought to light just how important it is to be prepared for the unexpected. A necessary part of this preparation is having an Estate Plan in place. Trisoline Bosack Law Group is here to help you with that process.

The Estate Plans are a 3 document package that includes a Last Will and Testament, Medical Directive/Power of Attorney, and a Durable Financial Power of Attorney.

Please contact Emily at 724-335-4753 or via email at ekt@trisolinebosack.com to discuss.

Pinnacle Financial Strategies

PINNACLE Financial Strategies, LLC

PINNACLE Financial Strategies has been helping people make confident, educated decisions about their money for over 25 years. 

If you have financial planning questions, or more specifically related to the recent SECURE Act and CARES Act (ie if any of the provisions in these two programs affect you or not), reach out to Vic for comprehensive financial planning from an independent, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional.

Pink Frog Interactive, Inc.

Pink Frog Interactive is a boutique design consultancy that helps you improve your customers’ experience across your organization. Taking complex public services and product interfaces and making them intuitive and easy to use, Pink Frog Interactive focuses on improving the quality of experience and human interaction with web applications, product interfaces, and public services.
Through human-centered design, Pink Frog Interactive reduces customer service support calls, improves customer experience and net promoter scores, builds customer trust and loyalty, makes complex information and processes clear, and gives you a competitive advantage over your competition.
Currently doing remote usability testing and expert product reviews.
RSM Logo transparent

Ride the Sail Marketing

Ride the Sail Marketing is a remote team of content marketing, digital PR, social media, and SEO specialists.

While everyone is evaluating new ways to do business from home, the RSM team is providing free strategy consultations on how to effectively reach your audience and continue to move your business forward.


The Carousel Horse

Carousel Horse is a retail store & website primarily selling Horseback Riding Apparel & Equipment. However, they also have unique everyday ladies fashion that you won't see anywhere else - sweaters, outerwear, denim, boots, welly boots, casual shoes!

Give them a call or shop online for free curbside pickup or ship to home. Free shipping over $100.

Airheads Balloon Art

Sidelined as a non-essential business, Airheads Balloon Art will be ready to help you celebrate all occasions with creative decorations, Talented Twisters, and deliveries to that special someone.

Sandy Coffee Soccer (1)

Sandra Coffee - Caldwell Banker Realty

Your local real estate connection for the Greater Pittsburgh area!


The Exquisite Bride

The Exquisite Bride has transitioned to be an Internet/phone & pickup situation currently. They are continuing to help customers one at a time while the shop is closed. Answering questions and providing comfort has been their priority as they assist brides in preparing for the biggest day of their lives as they marry the love of their lives has always been remains their #1 priority.

Classic Ink

Classic Ink USA Screenprinting and Embroidery located in Butler, PA has become a local, regional, and national competitor in custom school wear, sportswear, business apparel, and race wear.

Gaynor's School of Cooking

Gaynor's School of Cooking

Gaynor's School of Cooking is a Cooking School offering a wide variety of cooking and baking classes for both children and adults. All programs are hands-on with a motto to "Have fun with Food!"

Watch the website and Facebook for updates on when classes open back up!

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