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Welcome to the Hotspurs Player Hub:


The player hub has been 2 years in the making.  We started with our Player Handbook, which was just a clip binder and now thanks to a fantastic partnership with the Coaching Manual, NCSA and Veo we can now move our off the field education online.  There are key areas that create our off the field education platform 'The Player Hub':


For All Phases - The Player Handbook - This is area accessed through The Coaching Manual and is contains anything from info on The 'Hotspurs Way of Playing' to session plans for upcoming sessions, info in regard to our Hotspurs Team Targets, also included is articles about soccer education and anything your phase leader considers relevant to share

For College Prep Phase Only - -The NCSA Platform - This is our college recruitment platform to help connect with college coaches

For Youth Development Phase and College Prep Phase Mainly -Veo Soccer Filming & Analysis - Our game film platform will help you analyse your own game as well as create highlight videos for college recruitment-Session plans from previous sessions that have been delivered


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The Player Handbook

-Info on Game Model

-Interesting Articles about the Game

-Access session plans

-Individual training videos

-To find out your login username (your primary teamsnap email) click here

-If you dont see your name in the spreadsheet, watch this video

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NCSA College Recruitment Platform Login

-If you have signed up to the NCSA program then click here to sign in

-You create your college profile here which you will market to colleges

-To add a new profile and add yourself to the Pittsburgh Hotspurs platform CLICK HERE

Game Film & Creating Video

-All video that is recorded on the club system is housed here

-To create a highlight video of your games recorded

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