our College Recruitment System

Our system for recruitment is a simple system but involves a good amount of elbow grease from the player, understanding the process is the key so you can break it down and be logical in getting it done - Below is a Step by Step Guide:

Step 1 - Get The Recruitment Sites Filled In:

There are 3 sites that need information on You, all for different reasons

NCSA - Click the Picture to Go Here

There are 2 reasons this site is so good:

1 - Its Database is First Class

2 - Within the site it works with your coach to find colleges that match your athletic profile as well as your academic profile - incredibly powerful

College Fit Finder - Click the Picture to Go here

CFF has other benefits:

1 - It has a built in video creation platform so any player can create highlight videos using youtube 

2 - The outputs the site gives the club from a graphics perspective are first class, handouts for events and resumes to give to coaches make it very easy for us to create quality content to promote you

Got Soccer

Got soccer is what we register for all the tournaments for.  Within the site you can build your player profile, this is useful because the tournament itself gives this data to the coaches that come to the event

Your manager will send out usernames and passwords to login to complete this information.

Step 2 - Work out what your area of interest is?

This is one of the hardest things to do, however once you have this its a liberating feeling.

The NCSA site will help you cross-reference your playing ability (which is submitted by the coaching staff) with your academic profile.    Knowing your area of interest will then help you focus on specific schools.

Once you have this you can create a shortlist of around 20 colleges that are a good fit and match with the other areas for consideration:

-Big School? or Little School?

-Rural?  or Big City?

Step 3 - Make A Video!

If you want any chance of being recruited, you must have a video of you playing, without a video your chances are significantly less of getting interest.

We will try and video as many games as possible but its also down to your teams parents to do as much work as possible to get footage:

Upload any video you have to Youtube so you can make highlights with your College Fit Finder Account.

Other Video will be held in our Field Vision System which you will have access too also.

Step 4 - Market Yourself

Once you have something to market, then you have to get it out to your shortlist.  Send coaches direct links to your NCSA profile and your video.  This way you will gain traction and begin to get interest in you from your shortlist.  Getting the shortlist is half the battle, once you are at this point your coaching staff can help you get in front of that schools coaching staff.