Southampton FC - Academy Camp 2017


We have designed 3 specific camps with the Southampton staff.

Location - Founders Field - 101 Eisele Rd, Cheswick, PA

Dates - July 31-4th


2hr per day for 5 days - $120 - Foundation & Youth Development Phase

1.5hr per day for 5 days - $100 - College Prep Phase

Cost Includes:

-Coaching for the week

 Camp 1: Foundation Phase - Technical Camp 30 - 40 players limit - 9-12yrs

5:30-7:30pm @ Founders Field

            - 8 - 12 players per group  

            - Ratio of 2:12 max (ideal for real technical details and specific        work with individual players) 

            - 1 to 1.5 hour session based solely around technical information and the ability to work with individuals and get into some real detail

            - 5 sessions (Monday - Friday) 

TOPICS: Passing, Receiving, Finishing, 1v1 (attacking & defending) and S.S.G’s

This technique specific camp will focus on a range of main techniques needed in football and hone in on these in great detail. The camp should be limited amount of spaces and look to focus on a small ratio of coach to player maximum of 1:12 (with the potential to have a support coach working with each SFC coach)

The camp will all lead to a section of S.S.G’s to complete the week and we can then look at players in a game environment (3v3)

Camp 2: Youth Development Phase - Technical/Tactical Camp 50 players max

7-9pm @ Founders Field

             - 18 - 20 players per group (support coach working with each Saints FC coach to manage numbers and as CPD for local coach)     

           - 1.5 hour session based around technical and tactical elements of practice

            - 5 sessions (Monday - Friday) 

TOPICS: Combination Play, Crossing & Finishing, Receiving to play Forward, Playing through the Thirds, Defending (outnumbered and organised)

Camp 3: College Prep Phase - Tactical Camp 50 - 60 players

4-5:30pm @ Founders Field

            - 18 - 22 players per group (support coach working with each Saints FC coach to manage numbers and as CPD for local coach)

            - Ratio of 2:22 players (ideal for working on 11 v 11 topic in full towards end of session)

            - 1.5 to 2 hour session based around the tactical elements of the game

            - 5 sessions (Monday - Friday) 

TOPICS: Playing out from the Back, Team Pressing, Attacking in wide Areas, Combination Play and Finishing in and around the Box, Transitional Play