Dave Richmond


Hotspurs Role:  College Development Phase Girls Team Leader

Coaching Qualifications:

  • UEFA 'B' License
  • FA Goalkeeping Level 1 and 2
  • FA Level 1 and 2 in Psychology

Relevant Experience:

  • Penn State New Kensington Assistant Coach - current
  • PA West Director of Pre ODP- current
  • Career Highlights - Played in 5 different countries

Start in soccer:

 My dad had always run soccer teams in England and I would go along and kick about with all the men on his team. There were no youth teams back then just adult leagues, which you couldn't enter until you finished school at 16! At that point however, it was straight into adult soccer for me and I was lucky enough to sign for a professional club at 17. That lasted only a year, then I played semi-pro for 11 years.
 Inspiration to coach:
I didn't start coaching until my early 30's and that was quite by accident. I had started to take my son to a guy who had a bunch of 7 and 8 year olds. One day he said to me, "Dave, you play football (soccer), can you help me?" and that was it -- I was hooked. I started taking my licenses and now here I am.

Favorite part of coaching soccer:

I admitedly love training. I love to watch the players learning, working hard. I try to come up with sessions that will make them think, make them ask questions and make them go home wanting to come back for the next session.
Also, there is nothing better than running into players and parents years later and they still call you coach and reminisce about the 'good old days.' Here I get that a lot here with high school and college players, and even when going back to England I get to experience that with former players. It's a great feeling to have that impact on individuals!

Favorite player/team:

My team has always been Blackburn Rovers.

Players, there have been so many it's hard to pick one!

When not coaching soccer:

When I'm not coaching or at games, or writing session plans... I love to go fishing.