Mark Sappington

Mark Sappington- Hotspurs

Hotspurs Role:  College Prep Phase Coach


  • USC Advanced National Goal Keeper
  • USC National Diploma
  • USSF National D

Relevant Experience:

  • Slippery Rock Women's Soccer Assistant Coach - current
  • PA West ODP Staff - current
  • Regional ODP Staff - current
  • Stand Anderson's Camp Shut Out Senior Staff Member - current
  • GK Icon Pittsburgh Senior Staff - current
  • The University of Scranton Women's Assistant Coach - 2014-2015
  • Tony DiCicco's SoccerPlus Goalkeeper School - 2013-2015
  • Shippensburg University Men's and Women's Assistant Coach - 2012-2014

Start in soccer:

I got started in soccer when I was just a wee one. My brother played soccer and I thought it was awesome, and I wanted to play too. I loved it. I had a lot of energy and soccer was a great outlet.

I gravitated to the Goal Keeper position and stuck with it through college. 

Inspiration to coach:

When my college career was cut short due to injury, it was at that moment I started becoming a student of the game. I wanted to learn as much as I could about the game as a whole.

My high school coach, Kernell Borneo gave me my first chance to start coaching at the club level. He taught me how to coach and empowered me to continue to learn and grow. 

Finally Rob Fulton and Jeremy Spering both coached at Shippensburg University. They both fostered and inspired me to take coaching to the next level and, really, to turn it into my career.

I wouldn't be where I am now with out those three influencing and encouraging me as much as they did.  

Favorite part of coaching soccer:

I love watching players learn, grow and implement skills and concepts they have been practicing. It is one of the most rewarding parts of coaching to see when that concept clicks with a player and they develop are new understanding of the game. Particularly, when they gain the confidence in themslevest to try these newly obtained skills and concepts in competition. 

Favorite player/team:

Team: USMNT and Liverpool   
Player: Peter Schmeichel 

When not coaching soccer:

Outside of soccer, I really like hockey and enjoy playing the guitar.