Rikard Hesse


Hotspurs Role: Foundation Phase Coach

Coaching Qualifications:

  • Swedish C Coaching license
  • FAW Level 2
  • USSF F license + Grassroots 7v7, 9v9, 11v11
  • UEFA B License: Ongoing
  • BSc Degree in Soccer Coaching, Administration and Development: Ongoing

Relevant Experience:

  • Åtvidabergs FF Player (Semi-Pro): 2010-2013
  • Coach at Landslagets Fotbollsskola (Soccer camps): 2008-2009
  • UK International Soccer Coach: 2016-Present

Start in soccer:

Coming from a soccer family, I was always surrounded by the sport. My brothers and I could probably play before we could walk properly.

But the first ‘real’ contact with the game came around 4 years old when I'd accompany my father while he was coaching my older brothers’ team. I spent those first 2 years hanging around the team until I could join my own team at 6. 

Inspiration to coach:

I always found myself in a leadership role on and off the field while playing, yet injuries during my time with ÅFF kept me on the sideline for a long time. So I got to watch our coach work and be part of the team from a non-player perspective.

I had a lot of respect for my coach and how he inspired me as a player, but I didn’t really think too much of it back then when I was focused on getting back to playing. But now, I recongize I learned a lot from him on how I want to coach, to act and behave and he's someone I still look to as inspiration.

Favorite part of coaching soccer:

While I definitely enjoy the moment when things start to click for a team -- when all that hard work done by the players on training starts to show in a game, as well as watching players grow on and off the pitch, my absolute favourite part is the sense of belonging that comes from the sport.

When everyone is pulling in the same direction working towards a common goal. After the injuries I sustained as a player, I was sure I wouldn’t be able to get that back, until I got into coaching.

Favorite player/team:

Favourite team is IFK Norrköping, currently hovering around the top of the Swedish top division Allsvenskan.

Favourite player is and will always be Ronaldinho – despite him being retired, he was just a completely different kind of player to everyone else.

When not coaching soccer:

I do enjoy watching most of the Pittsburgh teams/sports -- with the Penguins held above the others. And even though its rare these days, I really enjoy watching and playing table-tennis.