Tom Campbell

Tom Campbell_HotspursSC

Hotspurs Roles:  

Youth Development Phase Boys Team Leader

Men's First Team Head Coach (NPSL)

Coaching Qualifications

  • FA Level 2
  • FA Futsal Level 1
  • First Aid
  • Safeguarding Children
  • Student at the University of South Wales - Bachelors degree in Football Coaching, Development and Management
  • UEFA 'B' license  

Relevant Experience

  • Played 6 years at Crewe Alexandra Academy
  • Assistant Coach for U15 and U18 team in the Midlands Floodlit Premier League in England: 2010-2013 
  • UK International Soccer Coach - Mount Lebanon Soccer Association and Club Soccer
  • Century Soccer Coach U14 & U16: April 2013-November 2016

Start in soccer:

I started with soccer from the moment I could walk -- playing in the yard either on my own or with my dad.  From there, a few weekly skills clinics and summer camps led me to organized soccer with my local team, when I got to around 6 years old.  I can't imagine what an 11 a side soccer game for U6's must have looked like!  I believe those early years spent with my dad, were what gave me the vital foundation to become relatively proficient as a sports player.
 Inspiration to coach:

Playing soccer professionally had always been my goal as a kid.  That dream came to a premature end and I spent a number of years away from the game.

After flirting with the idea of becoming a P.E. teacher, I decided that soccer was still the only thing I wanted to do. I started helping a coach I met through my brother's local team. He was the president/DOC/manager/registrar/coach for 3 youth teams (as a volunteer), whilst doing a full-time job and raising a family. His dedication was phenomenal and opened up my eyes to the work ethic required to be involved in soccer, even at a local level. He inspired me to get off my backside and to put the necessary effort into chasing a career within the game I love.

Favorite part of coaching soccer:

My favorite part of soccer is the game itself, with all it's details and nuances. I love the creativity promoted in soccer, in stark contrast to so many other sports which are dominated by coaches with their set plays and coach calls.  I love the fluidity of soccer, where the actions of one player have a knock on effect to the next -- meaning that a player will never find themselves in an identical situation twice.

For me, coaching isn't about telling a player what to do or where to move, but rather helping them to read and understand the actions and communication of others, and then to find the best solution to the situation they find themselves in.

On the flip side, I also love that to be successful in soccer, you have to have a balance between creativity and discipline. Expressing yourself, whilst also carrying out your role for the team. Understanding when to try something new and when to do the simple thing. What ties it all together is that all these things require individuals to make decisions and when everyone is on the same page, that's when it truly becomes the beautiful game.

Favorite player/team:

 I'm a pretty avid Liverpool fan and my favorite player was/is Steven Gerrard, although I feel so lucky to be able to watch the genius that is Messi every week.

I also take every opportunity possible to watch Guardiola's Manchester City.

When not coaching soccer:

I will happily play/watch nearly all sports. Baseball and golf are a little on the slower side for me.

Rugby was a big part of my life growing up and I'm excited that we are starting to get some TV coverage here in the U.S.

I also enjoy basketball and try to go to watch the Sixers whenever I venture East for tournaments. I know I'm not supposed to support Philadelphia teams but as there is no basketball team in Pittsburgh, and with a Pittsburgh native on the roster, I feel I am justified!