The Youth Development Phase


Boys Coaching Team:

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Phase Leader

Girls Coaching Team:

Marc Bentley

Oliva Kruger


$2400 /year **
  • Summer: 1 week evening pre season camp
  • Fall (11 weeks): 3 practices/week; 6-8 games; 1 tournament
  • Winter 1 Nov/Dec (6 weeks): 2 sessions/week (turf/indoor)
  • Winter 1 Jan (6 weeks): Rest; Futsal league optional
  • Winter 2 Feb/March (6 weeks): 2 practices/week (indoor/turf)
  • Spring (9 weeks): 3 practices/week; 6-8 games; 1 tournaments;
  • ** Players in high school soccer that only train winter and spring sessions, cost is $2100/year

** Sibling discounts available upon request - contact


The Youth Development Phase is the perfect time for the players to be passed from the small sided game into the bigger game.  This is such an important phase and the last time where the players will be doing a full year as at U16 high school will begin and we as a club rest.

YDP Sched

Additional Programming Opportunities

1 on 1 Training

$60 /per session
  • Contact phase leader to book a time

Small Group Training

$15 /per session
  • Contact phase leader to book a time

The technical skills learned throughout the foundation phase will be built on, whilst the tactical concepts addressed in small-sided formats will be applied in a new context. Across the 3 years in this phase, we work through a curriculum designed to continue development and educate players in many facets of the game.

All teams will be encouraged to play an attractive brand of soccer, with a good balance of organization and discipline, mixed with creativity and flair. The overall aim of this phase is to help our players acquire the technical ability, tactical knowledge, and personal skills needed as they enter the College Prep Phase.

Phase Focus:

The below gives you an example of what to expect from the phase in terms of coaching.  As the player progresses through the phases he/she will be exposed to new/different ideas.  The idea is to layer on the skills in the right order, this relates to their age and learning ability in relation to the phases focus for that season:

Pillars of the Game:


  • U13/14 - 50%
  • U15 - 35%


  • U13/14 - 30%
  • U15 - 35%


  • U13/14 - 10%
  • U15 - 20%


  • U13/14 - 10%
  • U15 - 10%