At Hotspurs SC we pride ourselves on being the fastest-growing program in PA West, and the only program with a full development pathway for both men and women.

Above all our goal is to provide opportunities for players at all levels and drive the game forward locally.


What makes us different?


→ Community-Based Development Center: The first step on the Hotspurs SC pathway, in partnership along with local community clubs and schools.  The Hotspurs Community Development Centers offer another level of training to the current community program in a fun, engaging environment where players are introduced to a wide range of skills and games within a club setting.

→ Advanced-Development Centers: This level of development center is typically hosted at the Hotspurs sites and includes a series of games, involving a little more commitment from the participant and his/her family.

→ Hotspurs Team Program : This is our core program. The Development Centers are the first step towards this program for many players.

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Why consider a community-based dev center for your players?

The objective of the Hotspurs Development Centers is to provide professional coaching and resources to local players, coaches, community soccer clubs, and organizations in the Pittsburgh area. 

We want you to help you grow the level of players in your community -- raising the entire level of Pittsburgh soccer!

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What does it cost me?

As a registration based program, this doesn’t cost the club anything. However, a club can incur the costs and open it up to its members for free. 

This is a turnkey program, the cost is based upon the duration and number of sessions. In addition, are there field/facility costs, t-shirts included for players, etc.

We will work with you to design the program details and from there a registration fee will be created.  

Typically how long is the program and where will it be held?

The program traditionally runs alongside your current program, therefore, 6 - 8 weeks with one session per week at your fields/facility.

Is there funding available?

We are partnering with local programs that have access to grants and funding. This will be looked at on a case by case basis.

What age players?

The program is open for all ages from 4 - 12. However, specific age groups for sessions can be set for the program at your club.

Will the players registered still play for our teams?

The Hotspurs Development Centers are designed to complement your current program and offer additional training for your players. Therefore, the players registered to the Development Center will still train and play for their team. 

What seasons can we run Development Centers?

A Development Center can be held at any time of the year, either alongside the Spring and Fall seasons or during the Winter or Summer.

Do you have camps?

Yes, we have Hotspurs Soccer Camps and training during the summer. Please check our summer programs page to keep up to date on the latest offerings.