Development Centers & Technical Centers

Upcoming Development Centers

Hotspurs - Development Pathway

Butler County Dev Center

  • Check back soon for next season's Dev Center! 

Host a Community Development Center!

If you're interested in hosting a development center in your community, learn more here - and contact Coach Tom Clubley here!

- Hotspurs Team Program - This is our core program. The Development Centers are the first step towards this program for many players.

- Advanced-Development Centers - This is like a regular development center but includes a series of games, involving a little more commitment from the participant and his/her family.

- Community-Based Development Center - These programs are hosted in conjunction with community programs in our catchment area. These programs are local strategic partners offering another level of training to their current community program. 

Founders Field-Based Centers

Spring Adv Development Center

  • - Training Shirt Included
  • - 8 Weeks x 1.5hrs
  • - 1 Festival Style Game Weekend

Technical Center Training

  • - 8 weeks of technical training
  • - Small groups, spots are limited

Additional technical training is being offered to U15 and younger players. This is an additional training opportunity ontop of team training. 

This is a small group training session, with limited spots available.


Spring Schedule:

  • Coming soon!