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Boys & Girls Programs Sign Up & Pricing

Main Program Pricing

Foundation Phase 1 : U8-U10

1250 per year
  • Fall (11 weeks): 2 practices/week; 6-8 games
  • Winter: Optional Futsal/Indoor Program offered at additional cost
  • Spring (10 weeks): 2 practices/week; 6-8 games
  • Year-long Regional Training
  • Summer: 1 week evening pre season camp x 4 sessions 6-8p

Foundation Phase 2: U11 & U12

1950 per year
  • Summer Pre-Season Camp (1 week): Aug 10-13, 2020 evening camp
  • Fall (11 weeks): 2 practices/week; 6-8 games
  • Winter 1 Nov/Dec (6 weeks): 1 practices/week, weekend small sided games
  • Winter 2 Jan (8 weeks): Rest; Futsal league optional
  • Winter 2 Mid-Feb- March (6 weeks): 2 practices/week (indoor/turf) + games
  • Spring (10 weeks): 2 practices/week; 6-8 games; 1 tournament
  • Year-long Regional Training

** Sibling discounts available upon request - contact

Additional Programming Opportunities

1 on 1 Training

$60 /per session
  • Contact phase leader to book a time

Small Group Training

$15 /per session
  • Contact phase leader to book a time

This is the entry level phase to the program.  

Both the boys and the girls are under the direction of Coach Dan McCarty.

We focus on technical excellence in the Foundation Phase. This is achieved through the game itself -- utilizing small-sided games as the cornerstone to training. We create scenarios where players are forced to make decisions founded on their technical skillset. This way practices are fun and the learning is deeper and disguised within the game.


Overall, our coaching approach is similar to gardening -- 'we cannot force plants to grow, all we can do is provide the conditions for the growth and they will flourish’. Our soccer practices are the same way and revolve around a simple checklist of must-haves:

Does it look like the game? Is it fun? Does the session inspire players to train outside of practice?

Phase Focus:

At this phase, we highly value technical skill development. It is our goal to make your child a master of the ball and give them the confidence to be calm when challenged with the ball at their feet. The below chart gives you an idea of how this is weighted. At the core of this is the idea that developing a soccer player “is a marathon, not a sprint."

Pillars of the Game:


  • U8/9/10: (75%) Emphasis on moves, foot skills, & creativity
  • U11/12: (60%) Begin to introduce passing & first touch


  • U8/9/10: (5%) Introduce support play/positioning 
  • U11/12: (20%)


  • U8/9/10: (10%) Agility & Coordination exercises, whole body motor function, connecting the brain and the body
  • U11/12: (10%)


  • U8/9/10: (10%) Focus on engaging players through questioning; develop problem-solving & decision making
  • U11/12: (10%)